Baba au Rum Daiquiri

By Thanos Prunarus, Baba au Rum Bar in Athens, Greece

  • Coupette

An olive

  • 40 ml Ron Santiago de Cuba 11 Years Old
  • 20 ml Mastiha spirit
  • 25 ml fresh lime juice
  • 10 ml sugar syrup ( 1:1 )
  • 1 dash Olive Bitters

"From as far as I can remember, art had always existed in Baba Au Rum. Not only as material in our working environment but as a topic of discussion or source of inspiration.
As in this situation we drew our inspiration from modernist Cuban artists, not only because we decided to recreate the most legendary Cuban cocktail, but also because this version reflects the mindset of the artists.
Firstly we chose to use the liqueur of the mastic trees for its uniqueness as well as the taste of green olives for their originality.
These ingredients will be suitable with the depth and character of Ron Santiago de Cuba 11 Years Old to create the most abstract twist of the Daiquiri."