A Rum with Unparalleled Balance


For at least two decades, this luscious amber liquid has rested alongside some of the oldest reserves in Cuba. Soaking up the sounds of the city of Santiago de Cuba, it waits until ready to dance in the glass.


An exquisite combination of fruit aromas, thanks to the aging of the aguardiente in white oak barrels that allows these pleasant aromatic characteristics. In the mouth it feels robust and smooth with a harmonious balance between sweet and dry. It evokes notes of coffee, cocoa, and chocolate. The taste is bold but retains a nice and semi dry elegance. Notes of dark, rich cacao - coffee and well integrated oak flair up in the mouth with a long finish.


This is distilled history, a gift to our city, the bottled magic of our Maestros. To honour their home, they crafted a special rum with a more musical soul than most. Harnessing the knowledge running through their veins, passed from generation to generation seamlessly since the 19th century, our Maestros captured the spirit of our streets. It is an eternal yet ancient rhythm.

This is an exclusive product conceived from a small selection of barrels in one of the oldest warehouses in Cuba. It honours the town of Santiago de Cuba, the cradle of Cuban Light Rum, in its 485 years of foundation. As with all variants in the portfolio, the 20-Year-Old abides by strict Cuban laws and regulations for producing rum. This ensures the highest quality of care is maintained throughout the production process.

Carlos Acosta was born in Havana in 1973 and trained at The National Ballet School of Havana in Cuba. After winning a succession of awards, Carlos went on to dance professionally with the world’s most prestigious companies, with London’s Royal Ballet becoming his home.

His athleticism, the sheer joy of dancing as well as his tremendous ability to convey emotion, inspired a generation of dancers across the globe. His very touching story and the obstacles he has overcome speak for themselves.

To create a rum of unparalleled balance like the 20-Year-Old takes passion and dedication, something that Carlos epitomises through years of mastering his craft as a dancer. Ballet is universally recognised for its balance and refinement and requires incredible expertise, commitment, and practice; the perfect synergy with the exceptional art of Cuban rum making.